Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Affordable Search Engine Optimization - DIY!

If you're reading this post you're probably looking for ways to increase your credibility in search engines in order to drive more traffic to your websites which in turn would result in increased profits.

Rather than looking for affordable search engine optimization services it would be wise to perform your own SEO on your website and only hire professionals if you really need their help or once your business becomes to large to handle all on your own.

If you're looking for ways to optimize your website or blog yourself, you should take a look at this detailed page on SEO for dummies and Basic Blogging SEO Tips which would link you to relevant posts on topics that interest you.

Don't slack - Give it time

One of the biggest mistakes that most bloggers and people with websites make is that of quitting. There are basically three kinds of webmasters, namely:
  1. Bloggers who write for the fun of it
  2. People who write because the love writing on topics they love and at the same time love the cash they make. 
  3. People who are in it just for the cash.
Among the three types mentioned above, the most successful people are going to be those that fall in the second category. Care to wonder why?

Well, it's really simple actually. People who want to earn from things they love would definitely give it their best and at the same time they would also be looking for ways to monetize what they do. No more elaboration would be needed on this point as you've definitely got my point.

It does take a year or so for most websites to begin seeing the traffic that they've always expected. Therefore, never give up, go on and see what's instore for you.

Content is and will always remain king

You may have heard this phrase a million times already, but have you ever given it serious thought? What does it mean?

There are plenty of sites that say you need 500 words on each of your pages. Well if it's a blog that you're running that's not going to be a problem at all. However, if you have a product review or sales site - is this practically possible? Wouldn't it just result in stuffing of words that aren't necessary?

Therefore, as long as you build a website that people love - one that you yourself wouldn't mind returning to, you would be successful.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization - Look at your roots

There are plenty of factors that you're going to need to look into. As I don't want to repeat things that are already published on this blog, I'm linking you to a post that covers it all: DIY Search Engine Optimization


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